Indian Dance and Music Directory

On April 8, 2012 we launched a new directory of Indian dancers, musicians and related artists. This directory is located at

This directory is unique because:

1. It is completely free
2. No advertisements, No Flash
3. Have YouTube videos of each artists
4. It is nicely arranged by geographical locations
5. No reciprocal link required. We don’t expect anything from anyone, really.

We just want real artists to get an opportunity to share their talent and get even better in whatever they do.

We truly appreciate if you can take few minutes to add your details to the directory.

Journey of Indian Dance

Kathak Yatra

We had a blast last Sunday with our annual presentation “Journey of Indian Dance (Kathak Yatra) at Schaumburg, IL. The show was sold out as usual like our previous shows Shakuntala, East Meets West, Fire – the Fiery Take, Jhansi Ki Rani to name a few. I am so thankful to all parents who believed in me and our dance school. One parent came to me and said “This is perhaps a real Kathak I saw after so many years and I am so happy about quality of education we bring to their kids. I wish people in Chicago area understand importance of quality of dance instead of just sending their kids to some dance school because it is near to their home”.  Thank you all my students, supporters and volunteer moms. The show was aired on March 23rd on TV Asia.

New Website will be launched on March 7, 2012

I am happy to announce that new website for will be launched on March 7, 2012. This will be filled with all the information we need about our in person classical dance classes at Schaumburg, IL as well information about our online classes. This website will also give all the information about basics of Indian Dance, particularly Kathak. We will include information about all the techniques, positions, Mudras (hand gestures) used in this classical dance.

The new website will also include comprehensive forums to discuss any questions or topics related to Indian dance and music. It will also include directory of dancers and musicians.

Please enjoy your time and let me know what else you want to to include in this informative website.