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List of Videos by Gauri Jog

Here is list of some of the videos we have published on youtube. We add more videos every month. Please subscribe to our youtube not-for-profit channel, today!!

Our much acclaimed and original Dance Ballet



Fire - the Fiery Take


Jhansi Ki Rani




Asian Festival Dance


Secretary of State


East Meets West


Shakuntala - Presentation in Kathak by Gauri Jog

In a sold out performance of our in house production, "Shakuntala", Gauri Jog and her students amazed the audience with beautiful choreography, magnificent stage decoration and costumes, and music. The program was presented in classical Indian dance style Kathak and was widely covered by various media in north America and India.

East Meets West - presentation by Gauri Jog

Directed, choreographed and presented by Gauri Jog, this program was presented by more than 60 dancers in six major dance forms around the world including Kathak, Mexican, Flamenco, Belly, Lavni and Folk dances. The program received wide publicity in various media including TV Asia, Pune Sakal, Indian Reporter and Desi Talk and others. The story of an Indian lady as she tries to survive in western world thrilled the audience.

Fire - the Fiery Tale

We staged our fourth in-house dance drama production on March 11, 2007 at Schaumburg. More than 450 people witnessed "Fire -- the Fiery Tale" show - to depict the evolution and importance of fire: Agni an intense element of nature. More than 40 dancers participated in the program. The program involved very creative choreography, music, background slides. All the dances received big applause from the audience. In Chicago area finally we have an "Indian Dance School" which has professional approach to making this dance popular in USA and has creative ideas - said a dance critic after the program.

Jhansi Ki Rani

The basic idea of the program was to portray life of brave queen of Jhansi. There were more than 40 dancers in the age group of four to fifty and they performed Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Ballet, and folk dances. The program began with Ganesh Vandana followed by performances from budding dancers who are in the various stages of learning. The main part of the program described the childhood of the queen, her growing up, and coronation with various types of folk dances. The confrontation between the British and the queen in the final battle was depicted as a Jugalbandi in Bharatnatyam and Kathak styles.

Classical, Bollywood, Folk and Yoga

This video shows overview of activities of Indian Dance School, a not-for-profit company by Gauri Jog to promote Indian dance and music. The donations to the company are tax deductible under section 170 of IRS. We teach Indian Classical Dance Kathak, Bollywood, Folk dances such as Lavni, Lezim, Rajasthani, Garba etc. Best gift for you and your daughter!!

Kathak Taal Dhamar East Meets West

Gauri Jog of Indian Dance School, a premier school of Indian dances in north America performs Kathak - Taal Dhamar at East Meets West in Chicago. Indian Dance is a non-profit organization set up to promote Indian dances in north America.

Bid for Olympic 2016 Chicago presentation by Indian Dance School by Gauri Jog

Gauri Jog and her students presented Kathak Jazz and Jai Ho, a bollywood popular song from Oscar winning movie Slumdog Millionaire at a rally for Olympics 2016. Chicago Mayor Richard M Daley and ambassadors from various countries were dignitaries to see the show. The dance was choreographed by Gauri Jog and Isha Jog. Staged on March 21, 2009 and was covered by ABC, NBC, Asia TV and various newspapers in north America.

Jai Ho By Isha Jog NA Miss Pageant 2009

This dance was performed by Isha Jog, student of Gauri Jog of Indian Dance School as part of Talent competition at NA Miss Pageant in 2009.

Kathak First Year

This is what the students in first year learn and perform at Indian Dance School by Gauri Jog

Kathak Second Year

Students of Indian Dance School in Chicago performing Kathak Elements. They are second year students.

Lezim - Indian Folk Dance

Students of Indian Dance School by Gauri Jog in Chicago perform Lezim - a folk dance from India.

Kathak Flamenco Jugalbandi at East Meets West

Kathak Flamenco Jugalbandi by Gauri Jog. Indian Dance School is a premier dance school in Chicago, a not-for-profit organization involved in imparting dance education to young Indian kids growing in America. We teach Kathak, Bollywood dance and Yoga to kids and adults.

Kathak Jazz at East Meets West

This dance was presented by students of Gauri Jog, Indian Dance School at East Meets West staged in Chicago. The school has grown into a non-profit organization in north America and performs all over.

Kathak Bharatnatyam Jugalbandi

Gauri Jog of Chicago performs Kathak with Bharatnatyam. Indian dance school by Gauri Jog imparts training in Indian and Bollywood dances.

Thali Rajasthani Indian Folk Dance

Students of Gauri Jog of Indian Dance School, Chicago present Thali dance. We teach Classical Kathak, Bollywood, Folk and Fusion.

Classical Dances of India presented at TANA 2009

Chicago area Classical dance teachers come together to present this beautiful dance called "Natya Laya Vinyasam". Presented in Kuchipudi, Mohini Attam, Bharat Natyam, Odissi and Kathak. Coordinated by Usha Pariti.


Ganapati Dance or Ganesh Dance was performed by students of Gauri Jog. Indian Dance School is a Chicago's premier dance school involved in promoting Indian dance and music. Ganesh Dance was part of East Meets West staged first premiered in October 2008 at Schaumburg.

Kathak Jazz Jai Ho East Meets West at Tana 2009

Gauri Jog presented East Meets West, a dance ballet with Kathak & Jazz Fusion on famous song Jai Ho from Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire. Watch the spins, dazzling costumes, choreography and co-ordination. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley admired this dance on another occasion. This dance was presented at Telugu Association of North India conference (Tana 2009) in Chicago on July 4, 2009.

Kathak First Year

First Year students of Gauri Jog performing. The emphasis here is on learning Taal, basic cycles and body movements.


This Shiva Dance was performed by Gauri Jog and her students at their own production East Meets West. This program was first performed at Schaumburg and was widely admired by NBC, Asian TV and various newspapers in North America. Indian Dance School is Chicago's premier dance school teaching dance and choreography. We teach Kathak, Bollywood, Jazz and Yoga.