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Kathak Dancers from Indian Dance School

Indian Dance School offers Kathak Dance Classes online and at several places in greater Chicago area. The school is a charitable organization formed by Gauri Jog under IRS Section 501(3)(c) with EIN 26-3110772 to promote physical fitness through Kathak dance and to learn rich cultural heritage of India. Since 1999 the school has provided basic dance training to more than one thousand students. For needy students the school offers free Kathak dance education. 

Gauri Jog with her students

Gauri Jog (formerly Gauri Kale) is Indian classical Kathak dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. She has been practicing Kathak dance since 1975 and received her training from Guru Madan Pande, Madhurita Sarang and Lalita Hardas. Her command over rhythm, powerful pirouettes, crisp footwork, creative choreographic skills has made her one of the finest exponents of the Lucknow-Jaipur dance style.

Kathak Dance on Women Emplowerment

As of November 2014, the school has staged more than 350 dance shows in North America and India with acclaimed creations such as Krishna Leela, Shakuntala, Jhansi Ki Rani, Kathak Yatra, East meets West, Fire – the Fiery Tale, Ramayana, Dance For Olympics, among others. The group regularly performs for community organizations, schools, colleges, state and federal agencies, fairs, temples and corporations.

Kathak Teentaal

Kathak dance is a North Indian Classical Dance form that integrates elements of dance, music and drama. Rhythmic footwork, recitation, pirouettes, elaborate gestural movements and dramatic storytelling form part of the repertoire. Originated and nurtured in the at Hindu temples around 15th century, Kathak dance has over the centuries, attained refinement and enriched itself with various hues and embellishments.

Gauri Jog Kathak Dancers

With increasing use of Social Networking and Web Browsing, we clearly see the reduction in physical activities of our kids. For all the kids of Indian origin growing up outside India, there is need to learn about their roots. Learning Kathak dance will give you an opportunity to know about our culture, meet new friends and get required physical. Dancing Kathak makes our body strong, active and fit by helping lose the excess calories.

Various roles performed by dancers

The biggest recognition we have received is love and affection of so many. We are proud to perform for more than 65 not-for-profit groups and help them raise money for their cause. The school appears frequently in news media which cover our dancing events. We take pride in each certificate because we put so much of hard work to make every dance a rewarding experience to both our audience and dancers.

Various roles performed by dancers

Mothers who learn dance with their daughters build special relationship. Their partnership and teamwork is phenomenal in studio and on the stage. Working together and spending quality time with your kid is very important and we at Indian Dance School help such pairs learn dance together and lead a healthy lifestyle. Learning and practicing Kathak together at home with your daughter is very pleasurable way to nurture relationships. Many mother-daughter pairs from various parts of the world through online learning are building special bond with their daughters. Don’t you think you should be part of it?

Rang Manch Pravesh

Our main goal is to teach our students basics of Indian Classical Dance, Kathak. Some students start learning dance at three and some at the age of 50. No matter what age you start, after completing corse curriculum, we expect you to have complete understanding of this classical dance, overcome stage fear and perform, be able to choreograph your own steps, have better understanding of Indian culture and develop interest to pursue this art form lifelong. Most of our students learn dance for 10-12 years and have their graduation ceremomy (Rang Manch Pravesh). Remember taking that first step is all it takes to start dancing and change your life.

Online Kathak Dance Classes

It is hard to get quality dance classes and fit them in busy schedule for new and experienced dancers. For many experienced dancers who wants to learn advanced techniques, or for those who want to restart learning dance after some gap, this is a perfect opportunity to continue with dancing. I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience about Kathak dance and will make sure you learn all the techniques. Of course like any other skill, practice makes it perfect. You will have opportunity to review each section as many times as you need before moving on to next so you will never feel lost or overwhelmed.

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