What people say?

Here are some comments from parents of students who attend our Kathak, Yoga classes at Schaumburg/Naperville and Online. Some comments are also from people who have attended our dances shows.

If you have any opinion about our dance shows, teaching, website, you can always write as comments at the bottom of this page. We appreciate your time and feedback.

I wanted to congratulate you for the kathak show which you had put together last week! When I first came in for that with a few of my friends, we thought – we certainly will find some great performances, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of not few but all 19 performances that were put together. Infact I, and some of my friends who had come over actually said that this was one of the best shows we have seen in the recent past. It was unbelievable how you could make those little girls, some of them I guess as young as 4 yrs old perform in groups and still do so well! This certainly shows how much effort you must have put in to get this show together. A few of your students are actually world class dancers because the kind of performance they put together reminded me of some classical performance I have seen of kathak guru’s in India. Kathak is not just about one dance, but ones ability to do the same thing and more over and over again for hours and your girls certainly did seem to have got that stamina and endurance built over years. By the way icing on the cake was the duet between you and Isha at the end. After a day full of so much action for more than 8 hrs between rehersal and actual show, I am not sure how you still managed to keep the best for the last. That performance literally reminded me of a snippet of a show I had gone to in India, performed by some of Pt. Birju Maharaj’s desciples !! I certainly look forward to more of these!
Anubhav Srivastava, Schaumburg, by email March 26, 2012.

Krishna – leela was awesome!!! It was truly a great experience for me. I had an incredible time doing it. Proud to be a part of the event. Thanks for all of your effort and dedication in teaching Us. We enjoy our lessons and have developed a greater appreciation for Kathak. We are so blessed to have you as a teacher. Thank-you!
Tanvi Vora, Schaumburg, On Facebook

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Kathak Yatra was immensely, beautifully choreographed and was your best show. We got to see pure kathak performances with difficult footwork and hand coordination. And I feel proud to say that Sanyukta was part of it. Thanks a lot for believing in her and giving her opportunity in different set of dances. The girls were beautiful in their costumes and did awesome job. But the surprise package was YOU! Vinesh and I were pleasantly surprised by your intense and intricate kathak performance which we haven’t seen before. It was just SUPERPERFECT! It’s a pleasure and honor to be a part of this school.
Meghana Lokrey, Chicago, by email March 19, 2012

All the dances in “”Krishna Leela”” show were well choreographed. Your creativity, passion about kathak and commitment towards it was clearly reflected in the dances. Proud to be part of the show.
Sharada Kunjir, Chicago, on Facebook

Gauritai is an awesome teacher. She is very passionate about Kathak and it shows in her teaching. I have learned a lot from her. I will miss the school and all the girls.
Garima Parghi, Seattle, On Facebook

“Krishna Leela” was fantastic!! Thank you Gauri for bringing out best from us. I had wonderful time at the show. Your hard work and dedication to Kathak was visible in every dance. I will always cherish these memories. Proud to be a part of the show.
Shalini Patel, Chicago, On Facebook

It was simply a magnificent performance of “Kathak Yatra” on Sunday. The selection of dances and the talent of all of your students were superb. We enjoyed the show very much. You and Isha put together one of the best performances of the evening electrifying the audience. You deserve a big round of applause for putting together such a great show. All the best for your future activities.
Niteen & Mansee Joshi, Hoffman Estates, IL by email on March 23, 2012

Gauri Jog is my Daughter Drashti’s Dance Teacher. Drashti has been Learning dance with her since 2004 and Gauri had done so many great dance performances with my daughter. Gauri has been a great teacher and admire her for her dedication for dance and teaching students. Thanks Gauri Jog!
Sonal Sikligar, Hoffman Estates, IL by email March 19, 2012

Thanks Gauri for Wonderful opportunity. Krishna Leela was the awesome show we had great time as well as our kids had fun, we learned a lot it was great experience on huge platform for us. We r really thankful to Indian Dance School and we r really Proud to be part of this school.
Vrushali Limsay Deshmukh, Chicago, On Facebook

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication, regards.
Biju Verghese, Chicago by email on March 23, 2012

Your website is of utmost use to me.
Bidita Shenoy through email, November 05, 2014

I am a student of Rekha Nadgauda, and have been learning Kathak for the last 10 years at Kirti Kala Mandir,Nashik. I am doing a project for my 12th on “The history of kathak”. I would like detailed information on the history of the gharanas of kathak! I liked your compilation of information, and would like to use it for my project.
– Anuja Phadke through email, September 06, 2013

It is heartening to see your comprehensive Kathak dance website. I would love to collaborate with you sometime whenever the opportunity arises.
– Pritika Kalra, New Delhi, through email on February 19, 2014

We all loved your show. Your hard work and dedication and love to teach girls were showing off yesterday. All the Girls and you had done very great job. Great job and do admire you for your love to dance and dedication to teach all the girls. Congratulations for another successful show. Keep up the good work.
– Sonal Sikligar, Hoffman Estates, IL by email March 19, 2012

It was great performance, dedication and team work. We enjoyed the program a lot and dresses were wonderful.Thanks for pulling this together.
Vidya and Ravi Marathe, Barrington, IL by email March 19, 2012

I am  sending this email to let you know that,how beautiful the programme was yesterday! Congratulations! for presenting such a  wonderful, and very well planned dance performance.You are doing an amazing job, my good wishes are with you. Keep up with the good work! God bless you! With lots of god wishes, Aruna Kapoor, Chicago, by email March 19, 2012

I would like to congratulate Gauri Ji for having one of the best dance performance related to Krishna Leela on March 21st. The performers from her school did superb job and she herself is an outstanding dancer. Together it was best of best in all aspects-direction, choreography, dances, theme, dresses, and presentations. It was well appreciated by every one to whom I  talked. We feel proud of her service to the community. We feel very happy that she and her school representing India this year in Ramayana dance drama program of IRINA. Thanks Gauri Ji again and looking forward to your school performance on May 3rd for IRINA.
Subhash Pandey, Chicago, by email March 26, 2014

Let me congratulate you for performing such beautiful program. It was  excellent. We truly enjoyed. Lot of good wishes to you for your future,successful path.
Swati Kane, Schaumburg, by email March 25, 2014

I thought the performance was very beautiful. It allowed me to see the scope of the dancing. You are a very talented artist, and a very good teacher.  This is a very different style of dance from the bharatanatyam I am used to, but very rhythmically complex, and I like that. I will be happy to be in class.
Cathy Pack, Chicago, by email March 20, 2012

We are very proud to be part of your school. You and Esha were awesome…..I just love your little girl……T and M said yesterday that she knows exactly what to say and when to say. Balaji who hardly gives compliments, was very impressed 🙂 Thank you so much for being so passionate….its addictive.
Krithika, Schaumburg by email March 21, 2012