Why learn Kathak

Benefits of Learning Indian Dance Kathak

In addition to general benefits of dancing, Indian Dance Kathak offers unique opportunities to individuals who wants to maintain active lifestyle.

Tell stories through Kathak Dance

Why Learn Kathak

Learning Kathak offers a great opportunity to learn Indian culture and heritage. Kathak means “to tell the story”. This means the young children being brought up outside India learn a lot about India’s great historical figures, learn about Ramayana, Mahabharata and other epic stories.

Perform at professional shows

Why Learn Kathak

Learning Kathak offers opportunity to perform on stage and various other events. This makes you audacious from early stages of life. Once built this quality helps in every stage in life not only for dancing but for making powerful presentations and facing large crowds. It definitely makes you more and more self confident.

Facial expressions, footwork and grace

Why Learn Kathak

Kathak gives emphasis on poses, expressions, grace, hand, eye and body movements and footwork. This makes your body look younger, loose body weight and brings lot of excitement in life. Within no time you will discover that you have become more active and full of energy. The whole experience is very spiritual and rewarding.

Are you convinced about learning Kathak?

There is no harm in trying to join a class. If you are convinced about benefits of learning Kathak, give us a call. If you live away from Chicago, we bring Kathak training to your living room through our online classes.

Inner peace, strong attitude and calmness

Why Learn Kathak

Learning Kathak is a good way of relieving everyday stress. While doing Kathak you will forget about worries, distractions in normal life. It helps internally to overcome physical and mental tension.

Learn coordination and adjustment

Why Learn Kathak

Taking lessons in group offers an opportunity to meet like minded people, make friendship and learn teamwork. The success of group performance depends on every individual and you learn a lot which helps in everyday life.

Show the world your talent

Why Learn Kathak

Once learned you will be able to perform dances based on various types of music such as bollywood songs, folk songs, flamenco and Jazz. This is good way of displaying your talent at weddings, family gatherings, corporate or local temple events and at charity shows.