About Gauri Jog

Best gift to yourself and your daughter through Kathak dance

Build ever lasting mother daughter relationship by dancing together traditional Kathak dance with Gauri Jog and fusion with bollywood and yoga.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to be over, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Principles that govern my life

  • Do not run a dance school just for money. It will never be successful.
  • Be committed to what you do.
  • Be honest and stay away from any politics
  • Never beat our own drums. Let the world judge us.
  • Learning never stops. Keep looking for new things.
  • Be creative. Art flourishes with new ideas.
  • Never give up. There are always obstacles that needs to be crossed.
  • Always be a good role model for students
  • Treat everyone equally. My own daughter is not an exception when it comes to dancing
Gauri Jog Kathak Dancer

The beginning

1970s – Gauri Jog learned dance before even talking!

Dance is my passion.

I started dancing perhaps before I started talking. I was so determined to learn dance I literally dragged my dad to a Indian Classical dance school when I was seven. The year was 1977 and it happened at Nagpur, India. That is where I met my guru Mr. Madan Pande. He is follower of Jaipur Gharana of Kathak and taught me basic techniques of Kathak and folk dancing. Those days were beautiful days. We used to practice for hours and perform at various functions. I met so many good friends and we just kept dancing and learning new techniques everyday.

The struggle

1980s – I twirl, I fell, I felt defeat and failure but kept on dancing!!

After learning Kathak for about 10 years I passed my “Visharad” from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai in 1988. This is equivalent to a graduate degree. Along with dance I used to perform in a theatre and staged various dance dramas. I choreographed my first dance when I was 15 for the children’s theatre. Since then I never looked back. I performed at countless occasions, won so many awards at various competitions, and certainly earned a name. My achievements were widely covered by local media at Nagpur. I soon realized that to become successful dancer, choreographer and director I needed basic knowledge of other instruments and music. So I learned Tabla, Harmonium and Singing.

Current affairs

1990s onwards – “Gauri Jog - Dancing For Life!”!!!

I also learned Kathak from Mrs. Lalita Hardas to hone my skills further in developing my expressions and choreography. I earned graduate degree in Home Science followed by post graduate degree in Food Science and Nutrition. Later I also completed a graduate course in Education to become a certified teacher. I started my own dance school in 1999. Since the education is never enough, I kept attending short term workshops with late Ms. Madhurita Sarang of Mumbai and Pandit Birju Maharaj.  My gifted grace, good educational background and interest in teaching had helped me in becoming a successful dance performer, choreographer and director of a dance school.