Answers to commonly asked questions about our dance styles, class information, our school, our programs and our community work as non for profit organization.

Currently we have dancers of all ages from the age of 5 to 55. Everyone should feel welcome at the school.

You may start learning dance at any age. Dancing has a power to transform people’s lives. It’s great exercise, great fun, builds self-confidence, and improves physical coordination.

Well, yes but I will recommend serious dancing at least for few months before you show your talent to people.

We follow the curriculum of Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya (an university of dance and music), Mumbai. This is full five year course which begins with understanding of basic steps and ends with staging of traditional classical repertoire.

Certainly yes. Once you start dancing again you will start remembering the steps again. You should definitely join right in and with our instructions you should be able to pick up the steps.

Certainly not. But you are welcome to join us in our performances and class programs. Going forward people will like to see combination of styles and we as a dancers should be open to creative ideas.

Off course we do take private classes. We recommend group lessons. When in a group you have a chance to follow/lead others and improve upon. You also make friends to count on. I would always recommend group lessons.

Just Willingness to learn dance!

We take one class per week lasting an hour. Four classes per month.

Classes are held in my basement studio at Schaumburg which has hardwood floors & mirrors like any other professional dance studio. Classes at Wheeling are held at Swaminarayan temple. Classes at Naperville are held at professional dance studio.

The most common dress code for the dance class is salwar kameez. No shoes on dance floor are allowed. Hair must be tied in the back.

Students are encouraged to attend makeup classes in the same week when they missed the class.