Basic Hand Movements in Kathak Dance

These are the basic hand positions in Kathak Dance. Gauri Jog describes various positions such as Naman, Utpatti, Sthir, Palat, Urdhva Hasta Chakra, Madhya Hasta Chakra, Tala Hasta Chakra, Urdhva Kona Suchita, Madhya Kona Suchita, Tala Kona Suchita, Samatal, Aalingan, Vyaapti, Ardhaalingan, Pushpak. For information about Hand Gestures, you can refer to the Page on Hand Gestures in Kathak.


Naman in Kathak

Both hands in loosely clasped position, 6 inches in front of chest center, right palm over left. This is the main position of the hands for footwork.


Utpatti in Kathak

Both hands brought near chest center, first fingertip and thumb touching each other, palms facing downward. Almost all Nritta Hastas start from this position.


Sthir in Kathak

One hand remains at Utpatti position, the other extends firmly on one side of the body, palm facing down.


Palat in Kathak

Turning the palm over with the rotation of the wrist.

Urdhva Hasta Chakra

Urdhva Hasta Chakra in Kathak

The hand moves upward from Utpatti with fingertips drooping down; fingers open outwards audience as palm faces up, wrist rotates in a half circle (clockwise for left and anti-clockwise for right) as if holding a plate, then hand glides down palm facing audience, back to Utpatti.

Madhya Hasta Chakra

Madhya Kona Suchita in Kathak

Hand moves forward and outward, palm facing up, then gradually travels sideways, tracing a circular path, returning to Utpatti position.

Tala Hasta Chakra

Tala Kona Suchita in Kathak

Right Wrist rolls down in front, palm facing audience, arm fully extended, then swings downward and backward as palm faces out, finally pulling back to Utpatti position as wrist turns in an ati-clockwise half circle.

Urdhva Kona Suchita

Ardhva Kona Suchita in Kathak

Hand travels from Utpatti position diagonally upward, as palm snaps open with a sharp, facing up.

Madhya Kona Suchita

Madhya Kona Suchitain Kathak

Hand moves out from Utpatti position, extends fully (shoulder level height), finger tips pointing out, palm facing up.

Tala Kona Suchita

Tala Kona Suchita in Kathak

Arm moves from Utpatti position downward, snapping open in full extension (palm facing up).


Aalinganin Kathak

Both Arms open sideways outward and move forward as if in an embrace. The rotation of wrist is important.


Samatal in Kathak

Arm moves awaw from body, fully extended to the side at shoulder level height (palm facing down).


Ardhaalingan in Kathak

Arm extends to the side, encircles forward and pulls back to Utpatti position (wrist position important).


Vyaapti in Kathak

Both arms extend in front, then move to the sides (palm up) and return to Utpatti position.


Pushpak in Kathak

Both hands move straight up, palms touch each other at base of thumb mound, make a complete twist rotation as they come down to Utpatti position.

These basic hand movements in Kathak are combined with various arm movements and footwork to create beautiful dance sequences.