The Gonds of Satpura and Chhatisgarh regions perform Bhojali dance. It is performed during the festival held to express gratitude to Bhojali Mata, who is identified with goddess Annapoorna. There is a tribal myth associated with the dance. It is as follows : Once there was a severe drought. People prayed Gods very fervently. Pleased with the sincerity of the praying, goddess Annapoorna appeared in the dream of the priest and told him to worship the Bhojali Mata who is none else than herself. When the goddess was worshiped with great devotion, rain came pouring down. The dried up fields again became green with crops. The people were delirious with joy and danced so long that their feet were blistered, yet they went on dancing on their stilts. The stilt is called genda. Therefore, the dance is also called Genda dance. From then onwards the dance is performed every year during the same period.

The stilt dancers begin their dance and practice from the full moon day of the lunar month of Asadh, corresponding to June/July. The conclusion of the festival and the last performance of the stilt dance is held on the full moon night of the lunar month of Shravan, corresponding to July/August. On that day visarjan ritual for the Bhojali Mata is also performed.