The Baredi dance is performed by the dancers of Aheer community of Madhya Pradesh. They are also called Yadavas. The dance is believed to have originated by Krishna who belonged to this community of cowherds. It is performed every year just the day after the Diwali festival and danced everyday for a fortnight, i.e. till the night of the full moon. On the first day, the deity called Dulhadev is worshipped. Then the senior most member of the group puts on the forehead of each dancer a dot of sandalwood paste mixed with turmeric. The dancers wear colorful costumes and decorate themselves with ornaments made of cowries. They first perform before Dulhadev and then go and dance before every household of the village. The songs that accompany the dance usually pray God to protect and increase the cows and to bestow prosperity on the community. The instrumental music is provided by drums called dhol and nagada and flutes. At times mridang is played instead of dbol.