Another ceremonial dance of Madhya Pradesh is Chilori. It is a dance performed by girls of tribal communities and in the age group of twelve to sixteen. Usually, sixteen to twenty dancers participate in the dance. It is danced twice every year a fortnight before Diwali and Holi festivals. It is danced everyday till the day of the festival. There is a particular place called akhraa where the dance is performed. The dancers make a circle each holding other’s waist. While dancing the dancers sway alternately to the left and to the right. They wear flowers on the temples above the ears and tie jinglebells (ghungroos) on their ankles. They begin the dance in slower tempo which goes on increasing gradually. They sing while dancing and the songs are called chilori-siring. At the end of each line of the song the dancers take a jump and hit the ground hard with both the feet. No musical instrument is played with the dance. Only on very special occasions Dhol, the drum and Jhanj, the cymbals are played to provide the rhythm.