The Korku tribal community of Madhya Pradesh performs the Phagnoi dance to welcome the spring season. It is performed at the time of Holi which is one of the most important festivals of the Korku community. As the name indicates, the dance is performed in the lunar month of Phagun, derivative of Phalgun corresponding to February/March. It is in this month that Holi festival is celebrated. The dance is performed only by men of all ages. It is a vigorous dance executed with great enthusiasm. The youthful dancers perform it well but some of the dancers advanced in years perform with such verve and dexterity that both onlookers and young dancers are amazed. The songs that accompany the dance is usually of amorous character that goes well with the festive spirit. The dance has acrobatic elements and the accompanying instrumental music is provided by Ghera and Dholak the drums and Jhanj, the cymbals.