Kumpitlung dance is prevalent among the Tarao tribal community mainly living in the Tengnoupal district of Manipur. The dance has three parts which are called (i) Enthlona, (ii) Ral Lam, and (iii) Kathla Lam. The Taraos believe that they initially lived in caves. The Enthlona part depicts how the community came out of the cave and what they did after that. The second part called Ral Lam signifies the victory of the community over their enemies. The concluding part called Kathla Lam is a festive dance. All the three parts may be performed one after another or at different times. Both boys and girls perform the dance wearing appropriate costume which is different for the three different parts. The dance is accompanied by a big cylindrical drum with two faces. While one face is covered with deer skin, the other, by a cow skin. The other musical instruments are: Shananda. a bowed variety of chordophone; a gong, an idiophone made of the horn of a Mithun which looks as if it is a mixture of buffalo and bullock. The musicians also sing appropriate songs for the three parts of the dance.