Lam-Kut-Lam is the harvest dance of the Kom tribe of Manipur. There are about ten thousand Korns belonging to the Kuki-Chin constellation of tribes. In the month of July/August, when the paddy transplantation is over, the Koms hold a grand festival. That is the time for the Reivang flowers to blossom. Young boys and girls wearing these flowers on their headgears dance joyously in the festival while singing specific songs. The well-to-do farmers of the Kom tribe present the dancers pigs, cows, and buffaloes as gifts. These are killed on the concluding day of the celebration and a grand feast is arranged. It is believed that the dance brings prosperity to the village. One of the songs that accompany the dance invokes a god named Khornu. In the dance the Reivang flowers symbolize richness and prosperity.