In the hills of Manipur lives the Tangkhul tribal community. In the month of December they perform the Thisham dance. The dancers form a bow-like arrangement and depict the cycle of life and death. The song accompanying the dance speaks of the meeting of souls after death and exhort people not to be afraid of death.
Shad RonkhlaAt Nongtalang village in the Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya live twelve tribal communities. They all perform Shad Ronkhla or Tiger dance. Whenever a tiger is killed by the hunters of these tribes, the representatives of the tribes go to the priest who fixes a date for the performance of the dance to celebrate the killing of the tiger. All the twelve communities participate in the dance. First the boys dance it during the day and later the girls dance at night. The dancers wear their ceremonial costumes and the music is provided by simple instruments, such as, flute, a huge war drum, a smaller drum and a clapper made of bamboo.