Hero Parab

The nae of the festival is Hero Parab. It is held on the full moon night of the lunar month of Ashadh (June/July). Around this time the paddy fields are re-ploughed to get rid of the weeds. Ritual offerings are made to the divinities, namely, Desauli and Jaera. This festival is celebrated in the memory of Lita, the legendary hero. The legend of the Hos is : Lita is the youngest son of Surmi who was killed by the mythical wild animal called Bandu. Lita prayed the deity named Jaera. Pleased with the sincere prayer the deity gave blessings to Lita so that he can recover the dead body of his father from the claws of the ferocious animal. Lita showing exceptional bravery and determination recovered the body of his father from the wild animal. Therefore, Lita is regarded as an ideal son.

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