Kalbelia Dance Rajasthan
Kalbelia Dance Rajasthan

The Kalbelia dance of Rajasthan has now become quite popular outside the province. Actually, Kalbelia is a nomadic community mostly living in the Ajmer-Pushkar region. Their, main occupation was ensnaring snakes and selling snake venom. Now they have opted for other professions. They belong to the religious sect named Nath. On social and ceremonial occasions, the womenfolk of the community sing and dance, as if inspired, to the beats of Daph, a frame drum, and plaintive notes of Been (also called Pungi), a wind instrument made with the dried skin of a whole bottle-gourd to which two bamboo pipes, one with fingerholes, are attached to the lower end. It is a traditional musical instrument which the snake-charmers use to attract snakes.

The Kalbelia dancers wear black embroidered skirt and blouse. While dancing they also perform some acrobatic feats.

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