Dhan Nach

Dhan Nach, which literally means Paddy Dance, is the harvest dance of Sikkim where paddy is the main crop. The dance is performed by both men and women at the time of every important agricultural operation, especially while the paddy is being harvested. The dancers wear traditional costumes. Men wear typical pajama and shirt locally called Daura-suruwal, a waist coat, and Patuka (sash), Topi (cap), and Rumal (Kerchief). Women wear Fariya (a type of sari), Coubandi-cholo (typical blouse), and Hembari (scarf tied on the chest). They also wear various kinds of traditional ornaments. The musical accompaniment is provided by Madal – a drum with two faces, and Murali, the bamboo flute. The dancers also tie jingle bells, locally called gungur, on their ankles.

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