Gnela Kipa

Gnela Kipa is another folk dance of Sikkim. It is prevalent among the Bhutia tribal community. On every happy and festive occasion this dance is performed by men and women, young and old. Through this dance they express their gratitude to the great saints of the community and the sacred places. They believe that because of these sacred places situated in the region where they live and the saints born in their community who inspire piety and humility, the Lepchas lead such a happy life. The joyous songs that accompany the dance praise the saints and the sacred places and offer prayers for peace and happiness of the mankind. The dance is performed to celebrate the New year. It is also performed on the occasion of marriage and childbirth. The instrumental music that accompany the dance is provided by Gno, the drum; Ljnghu, the bamboo flute; and Dab-gney, a kind of plucked string instrument.

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