The Tharu tribal community, living mainly in the Nainital-Gorakhpur belt, has three major sub-clans, namely, Rana, Kathariya and Dangaura. The Kathariyas perform a dance that is called Tharu, named after the tiibe name. It begins eight days before the Holi festival and culminates on the day of the of Holi. Unmarried boys and girls participate in the dance with great enthusiasm. According to the custom of the Tharus, the bride does not go to her in-laws just after the marriage. She continues to stay with her patents. Such a girl may participate in the dance provided she has not become a mother as yet. The dancers sing joyously while dancing. Dhol, the barrel shaped drum, provides the percussion music for the dance. During the course of dance, the group is divided into two and often the dance movements of one group differs from that of the other, but both groups dance to the same rhythmic beats.

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